Stewart’s Automotive Group, the local authorised dealer for Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor Company Limited (GWM), went all out for guests at their launch party, which was held at Hope Gardens on May 13, 2023. The event showcased three new vehicle models: GWM P-Series, Haval Jolion, and the Haval H6.

“Years ago, my family and I recognised that while Jamaica has many car brands, there was something missing from the current products on the market. This led us to making the decision to look for a new brand to add to our already incredible line-up, and this job fell to me,” revealed James Stewart Lechler, business development manager of Stewart’s Automotive Group.

After doing many background checks, Lechler felt as though he found the right brand for the Jamaican market. “I spent countless hours online researching brands from every corner of the world, from America, to Africa, to Asia. After identifying multiple promising options, I then travelled to different countries to test each vehicle personally, with reliability being the most important factor for consideration. The moment I laid eyes on my first GWM unit, I knew we had found the right brand for Jamaica,” he stated.

GWM, founded in 1984, manufactures a range of passenger vehicles, spacious and versatile pickup trucks, and affordable luxury SUVs. “Not only was this product reliable, it had that missing piece we had so desperately been searching for. GWM was the only brand I found that blended reliability, safety, comfort, and modern features at an affordable price,” he continued.

Lechler is very optimistic about the future of the brand in Jamaica as his company has been seeing increased sales in several models. “Our mid-size SUV, the H6, has been our best performer, but we expect all models to increase in popularity as people begin to get more familiar with the brand,” he added.

They also unveiled the sport version of the H6, the H6GT, which has an edgy design and is tuned for performance.

GWM has a global presence and operates in over 60 countries around the world and it is known for its focus on research and development and has invested heavily in developing its own engines and technologies.