Diana Stewart released her first book Dunsinane, A Memoir, which is in memory of her late husband, Richard Stewart. It is a tribute to the many memories shared with him, family, and friends at their home in Gordon Town, after which the book is titled – Dunsinane.

Stewart, chairman of Stewart’s Automotive Group, said the time was right to capture her memories and launch the book on September 28, the eve of the seven-year memorial of her husband’s passing.

“My grandchildren thought that my life has been filled with a lot of life lessons and drama, and they really thought I should put it all in a story,and I believe writing a memoir helped me to either gain insight into the past or heal from a traumatic experience,” she said.

Dunsinane is a literary travelogue of Stewart’s account of life with family, friends, employees, politicians, and a host of other persons, and the profound experiences, events, and exposures that have had an impact on her world.

Diana recalls myriad memories (the good, bad, but never indifferent) and reflects on the lessons learnt, however painful they were. She is hoping that readers’ takeaway will be learning how to live a simple life while adding adventures and creating long-lasting memories that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

“ Dunsinane also tells how much I love my family and getting involved in philanthropy. Being able to help others today will make the difference tomorrow,” she said. All proceeds from the sale of her memoir will go to The Richard and Diana Stewart Building Fund.

Dunsinane, A Memoir is available for purchase online via Amazon Kindle or at Stewart’s Auto Sales Limited, 49 ½ South Camp Road, via jhannam@stewartsautosales.com.