Rank and file members of the Gordon Town Police Station were awarded for their commitment to upholding the rule of law in the St Andrew East Rural constituency during an awards ceremony held back in July.

Decorated corporal Kirk Dillon was awarded most outstanding performer and officer for the quarter; and his colleague, constable Marx Bell, received an award for exemplary performance. 

Diana Sherry Stewart, Stewart’s Automotive Group chairman, who is also a resident of the area, was on hand to make the presentations.

Stewart shared that the group has continually supported the efforts of the police station.

“We have consistently supported the officers over the years as we understand that their work is a necessary service for ensuring law, order and civility which supports families and businesses. Their work is essentially self-sacrifice and we appreciate the fact that they come out every day to keep us safe. We will always, as a group, contribute to initiatives that support families and nation building,” stated Stewart. 

The company, which is a third-generation operated automotive company with locations on South Camp Road and Arthur Wint Drive in Kingston has stepped up its efforts to support local initiatives which seek to improve the lives of Jamaicans.

Recently, the group partnered with the Jamaican government to increase Jamaicans’ access to electric vehicles as part of a thrust to a greener and more sustainable transportation system. Their support of the Gordon Town Police station is another of Stewart’s Automotive Group’s effort to increase their reach to Jamaicans as they believe that they have a lot to offer to Jamaica. 

“Corporate social responsibility is not just a concept for us at Stewart’s, it is a lifestyle. As a local company, we feel we have a responsibility to Jamaica to do what we can to build the sectors that support Jamaicans. What we have done for the Gordon Town Police Station is just one in a number of initiatives we will undertake this year to give back,” Stewart expressed. 

Sub-Officer in charge of the police station, Inspector Heather McLean, expressed her gratitude for corporate support in rewarding and recognising the officers.

Constable Marx Bell (left) of the Gordon Town Police Station accepts a recognition plaque from Chairman, Stewart’s Automotive Group, Diana Sherry Stewart during an awards ceremony held on July 21, 2022 at the police station. Bell was recognized for exemplary performance during the quarter ending June 2022. Stewart also presented a plaque to Corporal Kirk Dillion who was awarded the most outstanding performer and officer of the quarter. The next ceremony is scheduled to take place in December of this year. (Photo contributed)

“We have hardworking officers in the force who are a ‘force for good’ and when corporate companies recognise the work of our officers and step in to support our efforts we are appreciative. The officers that have been awarded are not just officers, they are role models for other officers who continue to give of their best every day and for community members who look up to them. While we cannot award all our officers, I want to commend each officer at this station for the work they do even amid the negative backlash that we face at times,” stated McLean. 

The police station will host its next awards ceremony in December 2022 and McLean is optimistic that more corporate entities will lend their support.

“We look forward to our next staging and we hope that more corporate entities will partner with us at that time to help us recognize the officers who continue to do the good work,” added McLean.