Job Description: To ensure the efficient and prompt supply of inventory at competitive pricing to internal and external customers as needed, leading and developing a highly skilled and motivated team, to create and maintain an enabling environment while enhancing stakeholder value by completing the primary responsibilities.

Reports to: General Manager &; Directors

Primary Responsibilities:
• Ensuring that Orders are placed in accordance with agreed standards for franchises / brands on a set schedule.
• Enforcing purchasing and ordering policies relating to inventory.
• Develop and maintain tracking system for incoming shipments from point of order to warehouse receipt.
• Verify documentation prior to consignment arrival and resolve issues that arise from time to time
with consignments for Stewart’s Auto Paints Ltd./Automotive Art Jamaica and its brands.
• Ensuring that documentation is correct and fulsome before the arrival of the consignment (full container load, LCL or special orders) to ensure swift clearance of all shipments.
• Responsible for ordering local and overseas inventory.
• Clearing all consignments for Stewart’s Auto Paints Ltd. / Automotive Art Jamaica.
• Creating POs in the system for each order and then receiving the inventory into stock as the items arrive at the warehouse(s).
• Ensuring that costings are completed by the next day following the arrival of the shipment on the premises.
• Sourcing local inventory for internal and external customers where applicable to avoid lost sales.
• Liaising with customs brokers for the Company and developing a system to track the performance of the brokers daily.
• Liaising with haulage contractors for the Containers to ensure that the containers are delivered in the shortest possible time, as well as ensuring that containers leave within 12 hours of their arrival at the various locations.
• Review of relationships (pricing and service) with logistics providers (ocean freight, haulage, customs brokers etc) every six months to ensure best bang for the buck.
• Coordination of shipments from supplier delivery to facility warehouse(s).
• Working closely with the Warehouse Manager to ensure container deliveries to the warehouses are smooth.
• Develop re-order levels for inventory in conjunction with the Warehouse Manager.
• Liaising with Branch Managers to ensure that the correct items are being ordered. This includes
exploring options for new products that there may be a demand for.
• Ensure that the lost sales are entered into the Order Management System by each store.
• Ensuring that locally purchased items are delivered to the warehouses/stores as quickly as possible.
• Ensuring compliance of AEO status with Jamaica Customs.
• Preparing month end reports by the 5th working day of the month.
• Ensuring that cheques or transfers for duty requests by the broker are completed in a prompt manner.
• Any other reasonable task.

Note: Customers are the heart of our business, and our mandate is to provide our customers with excellent service through the availability of our products and service; at no time should other tasks take precedence over this.

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