Automotive Art

Two branches of the SAP subsidiary were opened on Old Hope Road and in Montego Bay, re-branded as Automotive Art.  At the time, Automotive Art represented the products Glasurit Automotive Paint, Dunlop and Michelin Tyres, Meguiars Car Care Product, Llumar window film and Valvoline Lubricants.

A complementary subsidiary, Stewart’s Auto Paints Limited (SAP), was established at Orchard Road, distributing Glasurit Automotive paints and finishes, and introducing computerized colour matching, as well as a wide range of automotive accessories.

The Company relocated to 6 Orchard Road, which incorporated a Service Department and Body Shop outfitted with modern equipment and facilities.

Stewart’s Auto Sales Ltd. secured the dealership rights for the Japanese Suzuki range of vehicles, which over the years has become a dominant force in the market.

The founder’s second son, Richard Stewart, joined the Company. He later became the Chairman and CEO.

The Company evolved into Stewart’s Auto Sales Limited and became the dealer for Daimler and Lancaster, English cars of distinction. They were appointed agents for the Singer Motor Company, a division of the Rootes Group, importing the Singer Vogue and Gazelle models.

Stewart’s Auto Supplies & Repairs was founded by Lionel Arthur Stewart, operating as a service garage on Hanover Street, in downtown Kingston, making it one of the oldest dealerships/garages in the island of Jamaica.  They specialized in repairing the cars of the time, Hillman, Austin, Chevrolet and Ford.

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