It’s all smiles for Automotive Art customers, Fiona Stewart (left) and Kishner Cowell at a 20th anniversary celebratory event on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. The event was hosted at the auto-care company’s newest location at 50 Hagley Park Road. (Photo: Contributed)

Stewart’s Automotive Group celebrated the 20th anniversary of its subsidiary Automotive Art and the first year at its flagship Hagley Park Road store in St Andrew on Wednesday (February 15).

Opened in February 2022, the car-care store at 50 Hagley Park Road joins others located at 22 Old Hope Road in Kingston, Mega Mart in Portmore, St Catherine, and the Trade Centre in Montego Bay, St James.

In celebration of the occasion and under their mantra, ‘Your Car, Our Passion’ Automotive Art has launched a ton-load of initiatives to give back to their customers during the month of February.

“We are giving a lot back to our customers for 20 years of making your car, our passion,” said Michaela Francis, group marketing manager for Stewart’s Automotive Group. “We plan to celebrate our customers all year long with many different events and specials.”

In addition to the 20th-anniversary celebration at the Hagley Park store, Automotive Art will offer customers a 20 per cent discount on all Rapid tyres, car accessories, car care products, Valvoline Lubricants and Draper tools from February 15-25. A massive yard sale will also be held at the Old Hope Road location on February 24 and 25.

Branded goodies in hand, Stewart’s Automotive Group’s managing director, Jacqueline Stewart Lechler, is all smiles during the 20th-anniversary celebrations for Automotive Art – a subsidiary of Stewart’s Automotive Group. The auto-care company is the Caribbean’s largest retailer of car enhancement products and services. The anniversary event was held at Automotive Art’s newest store location at 50 Hagley Park on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. (Photo: Contributed)

Automotive Art also plans to launch a new automotive clear coat in April and introduce a new Hankook tyre in June; while retailers and sub-distributors will benefit from discounts at Automotive Art’s Wholesale Division located at Orchard Road in Kingston.

Christina Hudson, head of operations at Stewart’s Automotive Group, explained that, “We opened Stewart’s Auto Paints [in 1993] and began importing Glasurit automotive paint, which ushered in a new age of polyurethane and two-stage technologies for automotive refinishes.”

“As the company began to build its refinish business, it also started to diversify into other related automotive categories. Initially, diversification and growth came from entering ancillary paint product categories such as sandpaper, spray guns and compressors, which were naturally complementary to the refinish business. Over time, the company diversified into broader automotive categories, including wheels, car accessories, automotive chemicals, additives, waxes and polishes,” added Hudson, granddaughter of group founder, Richard Stewart.

Christina Hudson, head of operations at Stewart Automotive Group, reiterates the rich history of Automotive Art and its notoriety for having the best colour-matching technology in Jamaica. Hudson made the remarks during the company’s 20th-anniversary event on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. (Photo: Contributed)

General manager Wain Russell explained that, “Our team is very enthusiastic about this latest store we’ve opened. We actually opened the store last year during COVID and, as such, we were not able to invite customers to come by and see what we had to offer.”

Russell underscored that the occasion allowed the public to see that the auto-care store is for all Jamaicans.

“Automotive Art is for all customers from all walks of life, all different-sized pocketbooks. We cater for all cars imported to Jamaica new and pre-owned and all vehicles, you name it we’ve got something for everyone here.”

The general manager also touted the store’s state-of-the-art paint-mixing technology.

“Paint-mixing technology is very important. Unfortunately, many of us have, on occasion, an accident and we want to not re-spray the entire car but to match the existing finish. We have a spectrometer; and we are actually able to determine the pigment of the paint on your vehicle, analyse that through our computer system and through that we are able to match the colour perfectly. Beyond that, we have the most experienced paint mixers and that really makes a difference,” explained Russell.

Nick Lue, Jamaica’s top automotive Youtuber and social media influencer, who was on location for the event, revealed that he has been a customer of Automotive Art since day one, citing their quality of service and products.

Loyal customer of Automotive Art and Founder of Skunk Nation and Fresh Panda Auto Detailing, Nick Lue (centre) shares lens time with brand promoters during Automotive Art’s 20th anniversary celebratory event on February 15, 2023. The event was held at the auto-care company’s location on Hagley Park Road. Automotive Art is known for its superb colour-matching technology and currently trades in over 24 countries, inclusive of 15 Automotive Art franchise stores in nine countries throughout the Caribbean. (Photo: Contributed)

“When I got my first car, the paint on it was actually bought at Automotive Art… and all my polishes from back in the day. It’s just an ideal place for people that love cars to come and grab their products,” shared Lue.

Stewart’s Auto Paints rebranded as Automotive Art in 2003. Today, Automotive Art is the Caribbean’s largest auto-care retailer of car enhancement products and services. With corporate headquarters in Barbados, Automotive Art currently trades in over 24 countries, inclusive of 15 Automotive Art franchise stores in nine countries throughout the Caribbean.